(Looking for copy editing or proofreading for your nonfiction manuscript? My rates for these services vary depending on the complexity of the material and the degree of editing needed – please get in touch via my Contact page! Thank you!)

But first, a few answers:

What’s a developmental edit?
Developmental editing is an evaluation and critique of a manuscript’s structure, organization, clarity, comprehensiveness, tone, and style. Most manuscripts can be much improved and made more reader-friendly through this process. 

Why get help from a coach?
A coach is a source  of accountability, support, advice, and feedback. Weekly one-on-one sessions can address your writing habits and process, the manuscript’s content, structure, and development, feedback and revisions, or anything else that is blocking or slowing your progress or satisfaction with your work.

How do we get started?
In our initial consultation I’ll ask you about your book’s subject, where you are in your writing process, what kind of coaching support you believe you could most benefit from, and your anticipated timeline or amount of writing you expect to achieve each week. This will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have, as well!

Everyone has a unique working style, so the packages below are not carved in stone! Let me know what your coaching and support needs are and let’s work out a program just for you!


Developmental Editing Only - $1,000–$2,000

You’ve completed your first draft…what now? Is it time to publish? Do you need a proofreader? If you’re like most authors, your manuscript will benefit greatly from a developmental edit – as familiar as you are with the material, it’s very difficult to see it through the eyes of someone for whom it’s all new information. 

Cost is based on a sample edit. A manuscript of 40–50K words will range from $1000–2000, which covers unlimited rounds of content revision (most manuscripts require two, with possible additional “spot-revisions” for final polish).

Coaching + Developmental Editing - $2,500

You know what your book is going to be about, but you can’t seem to get started. The blank page taunts you, or you rewrite the same chapter over and over again. Or you start with enthusiasm and then…motivation fizzles. There are as many reasons for wanting to work with a coach as there are authors and books, and equally as many ways that a coach can assist you to reach your goals.

This package is based on a core structure of editing up to 5,000 words a week plus weekly one-hour phone or video meetings to address your specific concerns, whether they relate to the writing process, subject matter, specifics regarding feedback or revisions, or anything else. This will achieve a 40,000-word manuscript in eight weeks, plus an additional four weeks to complete revisions. Fee proportionally adjusted for word count exceeding 40K.

Coaching + Developmental + Copy Editing - $3,300

Coaching plus a complete all-stage editing process – includes everything in the Coaching + Developmental Editing package, plus copy editing and proofreading (which may be subcontracted to trusted professionals in my network – it’s good to have more than one set of eyes on a manuscript!).

Coaching + Full Edit + Cover + Formatting - $4,000

Everything a manuscript needs, “from soup to nuts” – includes everything in the Coaching + Developmental + Copy Editing package, plus cover design, ebook formatting, and print book layout completed by Aillen Taylor of AillenArtworks (work samples and consultation included!)