About Me

Every superhero has a sidekick,
every culinary master has
their sous chef, and
every great writer has a trusted
editor watching their back.

My name is Robin Samuels and I love books.

I can help your book become one readers will love too.

I’ve loved books my whole life. I began reading at age three, and wrote my first science fiction story (about time travel) when I was seven. I always expected to be a novelist, and only about a dozen years ago discovered that my true passion is for helping other writers to shape and polish their words, express themselves in the most clear and vivid way possible, and feel confident about the work they are sending out into the world.

I studied Creative Writing as an undergraduate – although my BA is in another field – and I continue to hone my skills and expand my knowledge in the areas of writing, editing, and publishing by taking classes through national editing associations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), and Editors Canada.

In addition to being an editor, I’m a devoted cat-mom to three furry little troublemakers, a webcomic author, a terrible knitter, and a shameless expert-level binge-listening audiobook nerd.

How Can I Help?

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