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Book Coaching

Coaching provides accountability, support, advice, and feedback throughout the writing process. Bi-weekly or monthly Zoom sessions, and emails between them, can address anything from your writing habits and process, the manuscript’s content, structure, and development, feedback and revisions, or anything else that is blocking or slowing your progress or satisfaction with your work.  $300.00/mo.

Content Editing

Content editing provides evaluation and critique of a manuscript’s organization, tone, comprehensiveness, and clarity. Most manuscripts can be much improved and made more reader-friendly through this process, particularly when the target audience will be less knowledgeable about the book’s subject than the author.  $20–$35 per 1,000 words

Copy Editing

Copy editing addresses issues of mechanics and style, ensuring that the text is clear, correct, concise, and consistent. This includes reviewing for awkward or redundant phrasing, syntax issues, and errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation, with the goal of producing a manuscript that communicates clearly and professionally while maintaining the author’s desired voice and mood. $15–$25 per 1,000 words


Proofreading provides a final check for the types of issues addressed in the copyediting stage, after other professionals have completed their work. This catches anything missed due to human error and mistakes introduced during the author’s revisions. Proofreading is often completed on a PDF of the formatted manuscript just prior to publishing. $12–$14 per 1,000 words

Robin is a gem who made editing (and publishing!) my first book virtually painless. I highly recommend working with Robin for any of your editing needs. I don’t know how I could have published my book without her!

Nicole Starbuck

Stress Size: How My Hunger for Control Almost Killed Me

“Robin was fabulous to work with, she respected the time deadlines, responded promptly to communications and I learned a lot working with her. She did a great job editing my book.”

Raphael Allred, MD

Happy Naturally

Selected Nonfiction Portfolio