Fiction and Nonfiction Editing Services

Word count, subject matter and complexity, fiction versus nonfiction, and how clean or rough the writing is will all influence the cost—which is why I always complete a free sample edit before providing a quote for our first project together.


My rates are currently as follows:

  • Proofreading*:  $11 per 1,000 words
  • Copyediting and Line Editing (the most variable in terms of time and complexity) Starting Rates per 1,000 words:  $13 for light copyediting, $18 for medium, and $23 for heavy copyediting/line editing.
  • Manuscript Assessment: $10 per 1,000 words
  • Business Document Editing (including web content): $50 per hour

*Reserved for manuscripts which have been professionally copyedited

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My approach to each project is customized according to your needs. We’ll discuss what stage the manuscript is in, whether it’s been beta-read or edited previously, what your objectives and expectations are, and any questions you have for me. The next step is a brief sample edit, to see if we’ll make a good team and enjoy working together.

The process works something like this: After we’ve sorted out the details, I’ll provide the agreed-upon service and return the manuscript to you with corrections, comments and suggestions added using Track Changes. I’ll be available to discuss the notes or answer any questions via email or Skype, and after you’ve incorporated my feedback I can complete a second round of editing or proofreading, if needed, or just a final clean-up of the file to remove notes and editing marks. I’ll send you a fresh unmarked copy of the updated manuscript, which will then be ready for the next step in your process.


Available Services:

Manuscript Assessment

Have you finished your first draft and aren’t sure what to do next? Want to know if you’re on the right track in terms of plot, characters, tone, and other big-picture aspects? When doing a manuscript assessment I’ll read your book wearing two hats—both a reader’s and an editor’s—and provide both broad and specific feedback describing what’s working, what’s not, and examples of each to help guide you in your next draft.

This type of review is also available for non-fiction books, but only for those subjects in which I have sufficient experience and familiarity; these include personal finance, small business entrepreneurship, spirituality, lifestyle, and self-help/personal development.

You’re confident that your manuscript is solid – the plot or subject matter is covered in a complete and cohesive way, your voice is distinct, your characters are vibrant and three-dimensional. Now how about that grammar and punctuation? The part of your brain that creates worlds, adventures, conspiracies, and passionate romances is not the same part that remembers where the apostrophes go, if you spelled your character’s name Fishburg or Fishberg, or whether Chad put his wallet in his pocket or on the table. That’s the job of a copy editor. I will correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, sentence structure, dialogue tags, and word usage (just to name a few!), and leave comments and suggestions regarding clarity, consistency, continuity, and style.
Proofreading is ideal for work that’s been reviewed and revised previously, or any other document that just needs a fresh pair of eyes to do a final check for errant formatting, misspellings, simple grammatical errors, or misplaced punctuation marks that evaded the eyes of the writer and/or editor who has been working with it intensely. This is the least expensive option, involves the least intervention, and usually occurs after formatting and before going to print (or e-print, as the case may be).


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