What's the difference between a proofread and a copyedit?

Copyediting is a round (or sometimes two) of editing to repair and improve mechanical and syntax errors at the sentence level. Whereas developmental editing takes a “big-picture view” of your book, copyediting (which sometimes includes line editing) looks at the fine details of the language being used. Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final stage before publication, looking for errors that remain or were introduced after the copyediting was done. Proofreading always comes after a professional copyedit, not instead of one.

How can I start working with you?

The first step is to get in touch through my contact page and provide some information like the genre of your book and what stage of writing/editing you are currently in. Next, I’ll request to view your manuscript and complete a sample edit in order to determine if we’re a good fit and what type or level of editing I recommend. I’ll return the sample to you with a detailed quote for my services and we can then discuss scheduling and details.

My release date is a week from Thursday - can you get it back to me in time?

In a word, probably not. (Ok, that’s two words!)
First of all, until I see your manuscript I don’t know how much work and time it needs. Secondly, most novel-length projects take between two and four weeks to complete – editing a book takes much longer than reading one! Finally, I’m usually booked up one to two months ahead. I’m occasionally available for immediate projects, but it’s the exception. It’s definitely best to do some research and plan ahead for editing, and not select an editor based on their being available “right now.” (I know some editors who are booked up a full year in advance!)

How much does editing cost?

My rates are based on the type of editing and the amount of time/work the manuscript requires. A sample edit will answer those questions – send me at least five thousand words from your manuscript (I prefer it not be the first chapter, which is usually the most polished), and I’ll select about a thousand to sample. Then I’ll send you back a detailed proposal based on what I see.

Are all the cats on this website yours?

Thankfully not! The three sleepy babies at the bottom of this page are my current live-in editorial assistants.

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