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Content Editing provides evaluation and critique of a the organization, tone, readability, flow, and clarity of a piece. Most reports, blog posts, marketing material, and web content can be much improved and made more reader-friendly through this process. 

Copyediting addresses issues of mechanics and style, ensuring that the text is clear, correct, concise, and consistent. These includes reviewing for awkward or redundant phrasing, syntax issues, and errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation, with the goal of producing a manuscript that communicates clearly and professionally while maintaining the author’s desired voice and mood. 

Proofreading is a final check for the type of issues addressed in the copyediting stage, after other professionals have completed their work and the author has completed their corrections and changes. This catches anything missed due to human error and mistakes introduced during the author’s revisions.  

Business documents including letters,  proposals, reports, content, emails, marketing materials, slide decks, and blog posts are billed at $50/hr. with a $50 minimum. 

“I had trialed a handful of copyeditors before sticking with Robin. What sets her apart? She’s versatile, analytical, and dependable. Rarely does anything get past her. Although I was prepared to keep a few different kinds of editors on hand, for more casual versus more technical work, I found Robin to be suited for both. She’s a critical thinker, which allows her to ask the right questions making sure she unwinds my thoughts accurately and in the appropriate style. And she’s usually able to return my docs the same day. Would highly recommend her work.”

Olivia Chow

Founder, Yokip Consulting